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Structure Data Converter & Editor

Convert & Edit Structure Data
This program lets the manipulation of structure data given in various file formats and enables the conversion between these formats. It supports magnetic structures.
Among the implemented features are:
  • Atomic site addition/deletion
  • Assignment of magnetic moments
  • Manipulation of site information (label, symbol, occupancy, coordinates & moments)
  • Removal of symmetries and/or magnetic information
  • In-browser visualization (via Jmol)

File formats recognized:

  • CIF
    [Standard structure file. Developed by IUCr]
  • mCIF
    [A format based on CIF to support magnetic information. Developed by Stokes & Campbell]
    [Data file for the VESTA visualization program. Developed by Koichi Momma]
  • VASP
    [Data file for the VASP (Vienna Ab initio Simulation Package) - POSCAR/CONTCAR. Developed by Hafner & Kresse]

  • For more information on the supported file formats, please refer to the help document.

Please submit a structure file:
[Supported file formats: CIF, mCIF, VESTA, VASP]

- OR -

Enter the information in BCS format:

NOTE: Another possibility is to start with a "blank" structure, populating it with the atomic, symmetric and magnetic information.

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