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Irreducible representations of the Point Group 3 (No. 16)

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Table of characters

(1): Notation of the irreps according to Koster GF, Dimmok JO, Wheeler RG and Statz H, (1963) Properties of the thirty-two point groups, M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, Mass.
(2): Notation of the irreps according to Mulliken RS (1933) Phys. Rev. 43, 279-302.
(3): Notation of the irreps according to C. J. Bradley, A. P. Cracknell, The Mathematical Theory of Symmetry in Solids (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1972) for the GM point.

Lists of symmetry operations in the conjugacy classes

List of pairs of conjugated irreducible representations

Matrices of the representations of the group

The number in parentheses after the label of the irrep indicates the "reality" of the irrep: (1) for real, (-1) for pseudoreal and (0) for complex representations.

Matrix presentation
Seitz Symbol
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