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Common Subgroups of Space Groups

Common Subgroups
COMMONSUBS calculates the common subgroups of space groups given:

  • The space group ITA numbers.
  • The numbers of formula units (per conventional unit cell).
  • A maximum k-index which defines the maximum cell multiplication in the subgroup.

Only the default choice for the conventional setting of the space groups is used.

Enter the sequential numbers of the space groups (separated by commas)
Enter the corresponding numbers of formula units (conventional)
Maximum k-index
Optional: Only subgroups with point group
Optional: Only subgroups with crystal system
Optional: Only subgroups with centering
NOTE: the program uses the default choice for the group setting.

Other interfaces for common subgroups of TWO space groups (with more options) are:
  • For giving two space groups and formula units as input, click here
  • For giving two space groups and k-indices ratio as input, click here

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