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Magnetic Point Group Selection

Please select the magnetic point group from the list:' 2.1.3.-1 2.2.4.-11' 2.3.5.-1''' 4.1.9.m 4.2.10.m1' 4.3.11.m'''/m''/m'''2'2 7.1.20.mm2 7.2.21.mm21'
7.3.22.m'm2' 7.4.23.m'm'2 8.1.24.mmm 8.2.25.mmm1' 8.3.26.m'mm 8.4.27.m'm'm 8.5.28.m'm'm''' 10.1.32.-4 10.2.33.-41' 10.3.34.-4'''/m''/m'''22''2'''m'm'm' 14.1.48.-42m 14.2.49.-42m1'
14.3.50.-4'2'm 14.4.51.-4'2m' 14.5.52.-42'm'''mm'/mm'm'/m'm'm'm''m'm'' 17.1.62.-3 17.2.63.-31'
20.1.71.-3m 20.2.72.-3m1' 20.3.73.-3'm 20.4.74.-3'm' 20.5.75.-3m''' 22.1.79.-6 22.2.80.-61' 22.3.81.-6'''/m''/m'''22''2'''mm''m' 26.1.95.-6m2 26.2.96.-6m21' 26.3.97.-6'm'2 26.4.98.-6'm2'
26.5.99.-6m'2'''mm'/mmm''/m'mm''m''m'm'' 29.1.109.m-3 29.2.110.m-31' 29.3.111.m'-3'''32' 31.1.115.-43m 31.2.116.-43m1' 31.3.117.-4'3m' 32.1.118.m-3m 32.2.119.m-3m1'
32.3.120.m'-3'm 32.4.121.m-3m' 32.5.122.m'-3'm'

or select the magnetic point group associated to a magnetic space group:

1.P1 2.P-1 3.P2 4.P21 5.C2 6.Pm 7.Pc
8.Cm 9.Cc 10.P2/m 11.P21/m 12.C2/m 13.P2/c 14.P21/c
15.C2/c 16.P222 17.P2221 18.P21212 19.P212121 20.C2221 21.C222
22.F222 23.I222 24.I212121 25.Pmm2 26.Pmc21 27.Pcc2 28.Pma2
29.Pca21 30.Pnc2 31.Pmn21 32.Pba2 33.Pna21 34.Pnn2 35.Cmm2
36.Cmc21 37.Ccc2 38.Amm2 39.Abm2 40.Ama2 41.Aba2 42.Fmm2
43.Fdd2 44.Imm2 45.Iba2 46.Ima2 47.Pmmm 48.Pnnn 49.Pccm
50.Pban 51.Pmma 52.Pnna 53.Pmna 54.Pcca 55.Pbam 56.Pccn
57.Pbcm 58.Pnnm 59.Pmmn 60.Pbcn 61.Pbca 62.Pnma 63.Cmcm
64.Cmca 65.Cmmm 66.Cccm 67.Cmma 68.Ccca 69.Fmmm 70.Fddd
71.Immm 72.Ibam 73.Ibca 74.Imma 75.P4 76.P41 77.P42
78.P43 79.I4 80.I41 81.P-4 82.I-4 83.P4/m 84.P42/m
85.P4/n 86.P42/n 87.I4/m 88.I41/a 89.P422 90.P4212 91.P4122
92.P41212 93.P4222 94.P42212 95.P4322 96.P43212 97.I422 98.I4122
99.P4mm 100.P4bm 101.P42cm 102.P42nm 103.P4cc 104.P4nc 105.P42mc
106.P42bc 107.I4mm 108.I4cm 109.I41md 110.I41cd 111.P-42m 112.P-42c
113.P-421m 114.P-421c 115.P-4m2 116.P-4c2 117.P-4b2 118.P-4n2 119.I-4m2
120.I-4c2 121.I-42m 122.I-42d 123.P4/mmm 124.P4/mcc 125.P4/nbm 126.P4/nnc
127.P4/mbm 128.P4/mnc 129.P4/nmm 130.P4/ncc 131.P42/mmc 132.P42/mcm 133.P42/nbc
134.P42/nnm 135.P42/mbc 136.P42/mnm 137.P42/nmc 138.P42/ncm 139.I4/mmm 140.I4/mcm
141.I41/amd 142.I41/acd 143.P3 144.P31 145.P32 146.R3 147.P-3
148.R-3 149.P312 150.P321 151.P3112 152.P3121 153.P3212 154.P3221
155.R32 156.P3m1 157.P31m 158.P3c1 159.P31c 160.R3m 161.R3c
162.P-31m 163.P-31c 164.P-3m1 165.P-3c1 166.R-3m 167.R-3c 168.P6
169.P61 170.P65 171.P62 172.P64 173.P63 174.P-6 175.P6/m
176.P63/m 177.P622 178.P6122 179.P6522 180.P6222 181.P6422 182.P6322
183.P6mm 184.P6cc 185.P63cm 186.P63mc 187.P-6m2 188.P-6c2 189.P-62m
190.P-62c 191.P6/mmm 192.P6/mcc 193.P63/mcm 194.P63/mmc 195.P23 196.F23
197.I23 198.P213 199.I213 200.Pm-3 201.Pn-3 202.Fm-3 203.Fd-3
204.Im-3 205.Pa-3 206.Ia-3 207.P432 208.P4232 209.F432 210.F4132
211.I432 212.P4332 213.P4132 214.I4132 215.P-43m 216.F-43m 217.I-43m
218.P-43n 219.F-43c 220.I-43d 221.Pm-3m 222.Pn-3n 223.Pm-3n 224.Pn-3m
225.Fm-3m 226.Fm-3c 227.Fd-3m 228.Fd-3c 229.Im-3m 230.Ia-3d

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