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Incommensurate atomic density waves in the high-pressure IVb phase of barium
Arakcheeva, Alla; Bykov, Maxim; Bykova, Elena; Leonid Dubrovinsky, ; Phil Pattison, ; Vladimir Dmitriev, ; Gervais Chapuis, IUCrJ
C2 Ca1 K0.36 Na1.64 O621/02/2017
Incommensurately modulated twin structure of nyerereite Na1.64 K0.36 Ca(CO3)2
Bolotina, N. D.; Gavryushkin, P. N.; Korsakov, A. V.; Rashchenko, S. V.; Seryotkin, Y. V.; Golovin, A. V.; Moine, B. N.; Zaitsev, A. N.; Litasov, K. D. Acta Crystallographica Section B
Al1.544 Ca0.458 Na0.542 O8 Si2.45603/10/2016
Communication between cation environments in aluminosilicate frameworks: incommensurately modulated crystal structure of an e-plagioclase
Fredrickson, Rie T.; Fredrickson, Daniel C. | Acta Crystallographica, Section B 72 787-801 (2016)
Ca0.49 Na0.51 Si2.56 Al1.44 O805/12/2016
Incommensurate density modulation in a Na-rich plagioclase feldspar: $Z$-contrast imaging and single-crystal X-ray diffraction study
Xu, Huifang; Jin, Shiyun; Noll, Bruce C. | Acta Crystallographica, Section B 72 904-915 (2016)
H0 K1.5 Mg2 O7 Si205/12/2016
Vacancy pairing and superstructure in the high-pressure silicate K1.5 Mg2 O7 Si2 H0.5 : a new potential host for potassium in the deep Earth
Welch, M. D.; Bindi, L.; Petŕiček, V.; Pla<sil, J. | 72 822-827 (2016)
Ca0.522 Na0.478 Al1.522 Si2.478 O819/08/2016
The enigma of labradorite feldspar with incommensurately modulated structure, solved
Shiyun, Jin; Huifang; Xu, American Mineralogist
C3 H10 O1 Sn109/08/2016
Superspace description of trimethyltin hydroxide at T = 100 K
Dey, Somnath; Schoenleber, Andreas; Mondal, Swastik; van Smaalen, Sander | Zeitschrift fur Kristallographie-Crystalline Materials 231(7) 427-434 (2016)
In1 Mo4 O619/08/2016
The modulated crystal structure of In Mo4 O6
Peter Schultz, ; Oliver Oeckler, | Acta Crystallographica, Section B 72 642-649 (2016)
Bi2.27 Cu1 O6.18 Sr1.7330/05/2016
New insight on bismuth cuprates with incommensurate modulated structures.
Mironov Andrei, ; Petricek Vaclav, ; Khasanova Nellie, ; Antipov Evgenie, | Acta Crystallographica, Section B 72 395-403 (2016)
C12 H30 Co1 N11 O930/05/2016
The Z' = 12 superstructure of Λ-cobalt(III) sepulchrate trinitrate governed by C--H...O hydrogen bonds
Dey, Somnath; Sch"onleber, Andreas; Mondal, Swastik; Prathapa, Siriyara Jagannatha; van Smaalen, Sander; Larsen, Finn Krebs | Acta Crystallographica, Section B 72 372-380 (2016)