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Band representations of the Double Space Groups

Band Representations
This program calculates the band representations (BR) induced from the irreps of the site-symmetry group of a given Wyckoff position.
Alternatively, it gives the set of elementary BRs of a Double Space Group.
In both cases, it can be chosen to get the BRs with or without time-reversal symmetry.
The program also indicates if the elementary BRs are decomposable or indecomposable. If it is decomposable, the program gives all the possible ways to decompose it.
References. For more information about this program see the following articles:
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  • If you are using this program in the preparation of an article, please cite at least one of the above references.
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    1. Get the elementary BRs without time-reversal symmetry
    2. Get the elementary BRs with time-reversal symmetry
    3. Get the BRs without time-reversal symmetry from a Wyckoff position
    4. Get the BRs with time-reversal symmetry from a Wyckoff position
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